If you want to become a member of our community you need to register. You can either become a premium member or a normal member. The premium membership will offer you advanced search functionalities to increase your fun. By becoming a premium member you support the website and help us to improve our services. If you want to become a member you need to log in under: my GPS. We emphatically request you to use your official name. The rest will guide itself. You need to insert the gear you own and plan to use during your sessions. You also need to add the locations where you have been surfing. At any time you can update the spots you sail on and gear in use by you.


Various rakings are set up; you can find them under ‘rankings’. The main ranking, which is shown on the right side of the home page, is the 5x10 second averages. Under 'rankings' you can also select on country, brand, sail size, etc. In the “my” pages you can find even deeper link rankings to search completely to your needs and wishes.

The way we measure speed


A GPS is measuring true speed: distance over time, a big advantage over video timing which only measures the time it takes to get from point A to point B and cannot recognize the sailed path. In the early speed sailing days timing was done with stopwatches, then we changed to Video timing and now some Trimble GPS systems are allowed. We feel it’s now time to allow certain handhelds since they have a proven accuracy comparable with Video.  During official attempts the ratifying body sticks to projected (so point to point) speed, for record hunts done with GPS. Since this is a website set up for fun we wanted to stay as close as possible to the true spirit of speed: sail anywhere, anytime you like and move in the direction you want. We decided to show the true speed, so sailed path for all our rankings. If someone would sail faster than the standing outright record in a training run, the software programs allow us show projected speed as well. Since official record hunts aren’t the same as our fun speed hunts, we decided to take full advantage of the possibilities GPS devices give us.



How is the ranking created?

A GPS measures the travelled distance each second. Within a time period (for instance 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds) average sailed speeds can be calculated. We base our rankings on that given fact. Like said we also show distance based rankings and decided to show them over the sailed path. Of course a GPS top over 2 seconds is more spectacular than a 10 second speed since it will mostly show higher speeds, but with taking our 5x10 second ranking as our leading fun ranking we hope to eliminate the luck factor. By taking the 5x10 as leading we also make a clear distinction between outright record attempts and the “fun” rankings shown on the website. The 5 best runs must be on same spot at the same day.

What is a run?
Per run, a speed can be scored. Because you are free to go where you want with your GPS (in contrast with a 500 meters speed track or a slalom track) there are a few restrictions. A run is a one way run and per run you can score one speed.

How do we prevent cheating?
To start with, we think everybody is grown up enough to obey the rules. But we built in some checks prevent cheating. Our 'Speed Time Keepers' will keep an eye on all the data:
1. Every session that is added can always be asked for by the Speed Time Keepers (so make good backups of your files!)
2. Sessions are being asked for at random
3. Personal Records will most of the tume be checked