Waterspeed App

We have build an integration with Waterspeed App. You can now sync your sessions recorded with waterspeed app with gps-speedsurfing. 


  • Why is my session not visible on gp3s websites? 
    • We have possibly dropped your session because there where to many bad trackpoints registered. This website is all about speed accuracy, bad trackpoints are filtered out. If we find to many bad trackpoints we discard the uploaded track. You can prevent this by:
      • getting a newer device
      • don't waer your gps receiver out of satelite sight
      • don't take you phone with you on the water or disable BT when you have an apple watch
  • ?Why is the distance different on Waterspeed and gp3s websites?
    • At GP3S we calculate the distance with a minimal speed of 5 knots. This might reduce the distance displayed at GP3S websites compared to the waterspeed App.

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