Driven by Passion, Connected by…

Since 2004 thousands of enthusiast windsurfers stepped into the world of  It has never been easier to compete on a global scale, day in day out, on every spot anywhere on this world.

Joining is easy, just create an account, take your GPS & Windsurfing Gear for a ride and post your session. Basically that’s what it all about.  Once “infected” with the GPS Speedsurfing virus it’s almost predictable that you want more…

More speed, more records, more data, more knowledge and that’s why we created the Premium Membership. Being a Premium Member gives you some rather unique features exploring your personal and global statistics. It gives you inside information of all possible board/sail/vin/spot combinations and makes is possible to compare your personal achievements with your own historical sessions or even with any GPS Windsurfer worldwide. And all the information is presented in a user-friendly dashboard with lot’s of graphics.

Go to your Personal Dashboard  and purchase the membership:

As a Premium Member you will receive 10% discount on every purschase at   Already a premium member , and you did not receive your discount-code ?? Please contact us at !

We have made a shot clip showing some of the advanced features that will be unlocked after you have activated your Premium Membership...



 Looking into the stats   

  •  Gear being used each year 
  •  Number of sessions per month, year and spot 
  •  Number of kilometres being sailed per month, year and spot   
  •  Speed progression per year
  •  Speed progression compared to other competitors

Advanced Search

  • Ranking search  
  • Searching posted sessions
  • Best spot at a given wind direction 
  • Spot result search (ranking, sessions and stats)
  • Dayranking search


  • Compare gear based on set preferences
  • Comparing personal performance with other riders    
  • Sorting and comparing dayranking


  • After log in the follwing data will be shown on your personal opening page    
  • Latest sessions for your homespot
  • Ranking personal weight and age class

Being a Premium Member not only gives you valuable statistical information but it is also a way to support the community in an active way and show your appreciation for all the effort that has to been done to develop & maintain for all of us.

The yearly fee for the Premium Membership is just 39,50 EURO’s, and when you subscribe online you instantly gain access to the Premium Features. Subscriptions can be done by iDeal, PayPal & Creditcard. As described online subscribtions will be normally activated directly, but in some occassions technical problems can occur, in this case your account will be manually activated within 5 working days. 

After this year the membership expires and can be prolonged by paying the yearly membership fee.

Enjoy your Premium Membership and thank your for your support !

Go to your Personal Dashboard  and purchase the membership:


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Bank Name: Rabobank Zuid West Friesland
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