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Event nameBritish Foil Speed Challenge 2022
Start DateFriday, October 1, 2021
End DateSaturday, October 1, 2022
Event sponsorBritish Speed Challenge
CountryUnited Kingdom
Event scope/areacountry

Event description and NOR

British Foil Speed Challenge 2022 , this year's championship will run from 1/10/21 and run for the next year. 
Rules are based on your fastest speed over 250 meters Foiling run during the season and in U.K. waters only.

if you are a UKWA member your results will be entered the BFSC2022 where the trophy ?? will be awarded to the fastest speed over 250 meters .

Anybody in U.K. waters can upload and enter there fastest foiling speed sessions  to the challenge ladder to see how they compare against friends / U.K. foilers/ home patch or speed venues , but for a official speed ranking you must join the UKWA .

Note :- 

as in previous years we only accept gps speeds using a recognised gps device these devices ( listings)  can be found on the sites device list , as these devices have been fully verified. 

please be careful while uploading your gps speeds to the correct challenge.

good luck and enjoy the season ahead .

UKWA membership found at 


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